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Voter Registration

Register to vote online here or by mail by filling out a paper registration form and sending it to your county clerk’s office.

You may find a list of the county clerks and their contact information here. To request a form be mailed to you, please contact

Voter Eligibility and Resources

» Learn how to register to vote & voter eligibility requirements

» Military and Overseas Voters

» Voters with a Disability

» Voter ID Requirements

» Update your mailing address

» Track my Ballot

Election Information

» Election Code

» 2022 Election Information

» 2022 Candidate Filings

» 2022 Signature Gathering Candidates

» 2022 Election Results

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Legislative Resources

» Utah State Legislature Website

» Proposed Election bills by the Utah State Legislature (2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022)

» Redistricting Maps

» Utah State House

» Utah State Senate