Voter Responsibility Safeguards

Elections in Utah are transparent and secure. You can participate in elections by registering to vote and then keeping your registration up to date. Reach out to your County Clerk to learn more about how to be involved and have confidence that your ballot is counted correctly.

How do I know that my ballot did not get lost in the mail?

Ballots are mailed to each active voter and should arrive about two weeks before each election. If you have not received a ballot, contact your elections office to check the status of your ballot and let you know if there is a problem.

What can I do to make sure my ballot is counted?

Carefully mark your ballot: Follow the instructions on your ballot and carefully fill in each oval with black pen. Sign your envelope: Verify that the envelope you are signing has your name on it because each envelope is unique for each voter. Take the time to sign your name carefully because your signature is used to verify that you cast your own ballot. Pay attention to deadlines: Make sure you return your ballot on time.

How do I know my ballot was received by the elections office?

You can check the status of your ballot at You can also sign up to receive text, email, and phone call notifications of when your ballot is mailed, received, and counted through BallotTrax.

There is so much information on the Internet, how do I know who to trust?

Go to the source. Go to your County Clerk’s website and for information. Only verified social media accounts should be trusted to provide accurate information. If you are in doubt, contact your county clerk directly.

How do I know my ballot was counted correctly?

Before any votes are counted, each piece of election equipment is tested internally and in a public “logic and accuracy” test. A logic and accuracy test verifies that the equipment is configured to accurately count each ballot. Candidates and political parties may certify individuals to act as poll watchers to observe ballot processing and tabulation. After each election a public audit is conducted on a sample of all ballots cast. The ballots are selected at random by the Lt. Governor’s Office and are manually reviewed to ensure the equipment counted the votes correctly.

How can I see that I am registered to vote and know that my information is correct?

Update your voter registration every time you move or get a new post office box. Check your registration status about two months before each election by visiting

New Safeguards

  • Signup to track the progress of your ballot by text and/or email at
  • Get information directly from the source. Contact your elections office to take a tour and learn how elections are run in your county. Get to know your county clerk and the team that administers your elections.
  • Elections in Utah are transparent and conducted in the public’s eye. Members of the public are welcome to attend public equipment tests, serve as poll workers or watchers, and attend the public audits that are conducted before each election is certified.


To make an additional suggestion, or if you have more election questions, contact your county clerk. Find my county clerk