Voter List Maintenance Requirements

The Lieutenant Governor provides and maintains a state-wide voter registration database that county clerks use to register voters and update existing voter registrations. Clean voter rolls are the foundation for secure elections and as such need to be routinely and systematically updated and cleaned. The county clerks perform and certify compliance to the Lieutenant Governor on a monthly basis.

  • Process voter registration forms (electronic and paper) within 7 days of receipt (excluding the period between a voter registration deadline and an election canvass)
  • Verify the identity of each voter at the time of registration (Utah Code 20-A-503(1))
  • Perform checks for and remove duplicate voters and voters who are registered in another state (Utah Code 20A-2-503(4))
  • Remove deceased voters within 5 days of receiving notice (Utah Code 20A-2-504(3))
  • Send out voter information cards to voters who have recently registered or updated their registration
  • Send confirmation cards to voters who have potentially moved or have not recently voted

90 days before each election the Lieutenant Governor ensures that deceased voters have been removed from the rolls. County clerks certify that they have performed, or will perform, a National Change of Address (NCOA) check before mailing the main ballot extract. 

Each county clerk must run annual processing each December. Annual processing is a cleanup tool that inactivates voters who have not voted in two consecutive general elections and mails them a confirmation card. Additionally, it allows for the removal of voters that have not updated their voter register and have not voted in two consecutive general elections after receiving instructions on how to update their registration to remain on the voter rolls.