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Occupation: Bus Operator

Age: 54

City of residence: Ogden

Years of residence in current city: 8

Contact email:



Ogden has promoted itself well and people enjoy visiting Ogden but, families are struggling with the cost of living in Ogden. At market rents and starter homes prices have skyrocketed. Ogden’s housing sector is destabilizing. Repeatedly displaced people live in the shelter for far too long, live on and off in hotels, or survive on the streets.

My conservative heart is telling me to find a pro-active solution…as an at large Urban Planner; I propose Smart Growth Ogden.

Some examples are:

Continue existing Affordable Housing Programs. Create more residences near safer bicycle routes to transit that by design are affordable housing options at current incomes.

We need a smart-phone Ogden App with requests for service, timely event promotion, and information.  

   Snowplow (I will get GPS units active for requests for our flat forgotten residential Avenues)

   Water Tastes really bad {one voter said, “my water tastes like tube socks”}

    Pot Hole

    Crash: Avoid the area of

Text, E-mail, or facebook me for adding your requests for services to our Ogden App.

Vote for Paul Rivers candidate for fiscal responsibly, Liberty (pro Urban Chicken), Dignity (medical cannabis options), and Smart Growth Ogden.

Let’s make Ogden “The Gem of the West”.