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Occupation: property tax clerk

Age: 39

City of residence: Provo

Years of residence in current city: 39

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My name is Jeanne Bowen and I am running for Utah County Commissioner.  I have lived in Provo my entire life.  I received my associate's degree from UVU and my bachelor's degree from BYU.  I am currently working for Utah County in the Treasurer's office.  My time at the county has given me the opportunity to learn about all the important things our Utah County Commissioners do, and I want to be a part of serving our community.  I believe in people, and I can see that they are one of our most valuable resources.  Utah County has some amazing people living and working here.  I want to work with the cities, businesses, and neighborhoods to keep Utah County moving on the right path.  We all need to work together to solve our local issues.