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Occupation: Writer, activist

Age: 64

City of residence: Jersey City, NJ

Years of residence in current city: 30+

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Monica Moorehead has been an activist and member of Workers World Party since 1975. Moorehead is on the Secretariat and managing editor of Workers World newspaper.

Born in Alabama, Moorehead became active as a teenager in Hampton, Va., distributing the Black Panther Party newspaper and  banned from her for refusing to play “Dixie." A graduate of Hampton,  Moorehead is a former kindergarten teacher.

She is a founding member of Millions for Mumia, has written extensively on the prison-industrial complex and anti-racist issues; co-authored “Mumia Speaks”; wrote  “South Africa—Which Road to Liberation?” and the essay “What Is a Nation?” in “A Voice from Harper’s Ferry” and edited  “Marxism, Reparations and the Black Freedom Struggle."

She is a co-coordinator of the NYC International Working Women’s Day Coalition; has represented WWP on international solidarity trips including South Africa, Iraq, Cuba, North Korea, South Korea, the Philippines and the U.S. colonies of Puerto Rico and Hawai'i.

From the movements against police killings and mass incarceration; against war and neocolonialism; to solidarity with Palestine, Zimbabwe,  and peoples struggling for self-determination; to the struggles for women's and LGBTQ liberation; to union and disability rights, environmental justice—Moorehead has devoted her life to building a better world.