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Occupation: Socialist and Trade Union Fighter

Age: 65

City of residence: Chicago, Illinois

Years of residence in current city: 5

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Alyson Kennedy is the Socialist Workers Party’s candidate for U.S. President.

She has worked in coal mines in Alabama, Colorado, Utah and West Virginia. She joined the United Mine Workers in 1981. From 2003 to 2006 Kennedy was in the front ranks of a union-organizing battle at the Co-Op coal mine outside Huntington, Utah. The miners fought for UMWA representation, to win safe working conditions, end to abuse by the bosses and improved wages.

In 2014 Kennedy went to Turkey to meet with coal miners after a mine explosion in the town of Soma killed 300 miners. She met with a representative of the Kurdish-based People’s Democratic Party, bringing solidarity to the Kurds’ fight against national oppression across Turkey, as well as in Syria, Iraq and Iran.

She has been active for decades in the fight to defend a woman’s right to choose abortion. She has been active in the fight against Washington’s wars. She’s been a stalwart in demonstrations against cop killings.

Socialist campaigners traveled to Kanab, Utah joining protests by ranchers there against government restrictions and to solidarize against the cop killing of Leroy Finicum after being shot dead by Oregon State Police for participating in ranchers’ protests.