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Occupation: Rancher

Age: 38

City of residence: Benjamin

Years of residence in current city: 12

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Embedded in the principles of America is a vision of the great things to come.  Utah County is changing not only with growth from outside our borders but from within as our children desire to stay home and enjoy the quality of life we embrace. We must continue to find the solutions to meet the challenges of growth while holding true to who we are as a community. 


We meet those challenges as we support the proper role of government.  Work with fiscal responsibility to provide infrastructure and other needs. Wisely use our sacred natural resources like land and water and continue to support our law enforcement. 


With over 20 years of owning and growing my business I have learned how to manage the challenges of life through times of affluence and the difficulties of recessions. A business that has forced me to develop a diverse set of skills from balancing budgets, working with people from broad backgrounds, and protecting our sacred natural resources. This diverse skill set and agricultural background will bring a much needed perspective to the commissioners office in problem solving and allowing our principles to direct us to the right solutions.