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Occupation: Tax Pro

Age: 59

City of residence: Herriman

Years of residence in current city: 11

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Estate Creation is a program to wing-off individuals from Entitlement from the Government. It is simply using Term Life Insurance to pay for all Entitlements from the Government. Like; Housing, Transportation, Food Stamps, Healthcare, and Retirement. For the Innovation Estate Creation Program idea to work and save Billions of taxpayers’ dollars, plus balance the budget. The Estate Creation must be an ACT to be legal under the Laws, Rules and Codes, Regulations, Policy and Procedures. Once Legislative Statutes and the ACT is in place, a pilot program of 2000 diversity U.S. and Non-U.S. Citizen individuals; would start. The Estate Creation Program would help with veteran benefits and programs. Plus lower the suicide and crime rate, lower taxes, cut big government & waste. It would also help individuals become self-sufficient and be responsible for their own choices in life. The Estate Creation Program will pay-off each individual past, current, and future debts. After the U.S., the Estate Creation Program would spread throughout the World for peace and prosperity. If your income is more than $250,000 per year, the Estate Creation Program is not for you. You have sufficient funds. Please VOTE on the BIGEST FINANCIAL OVERHAUL EVER: Stoney Fonua U.S. Senate.