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Occupation: President and CEO of

Age: 57

City of residence: Ogden

Years of residence in current city: 57

Contact email:



Prior to 1976, northern Utah was geographically represented in the state executive branch, but that is no longer the case. Neil Hansen is hoping to restore geographical balance in state representation.

A third-generation native Utahan and former legislator from Ogden who served 12 years, Neil Hansen has experience with fiscal appropriations on Utah’s $12 billion-dollar budget on critical issues regarding legislation, government operations, business and labor, transportation, economic development, and retirement.

Neil believes any person can say they are highly qualified to hold office, but when integrity isn’t upheld, those qualifications become useless. Neil’s integrity will stand as his full-time commitment to ensure accountability is promoted, critical checks and balances are reinstated, public monies are spent wisely, and state revenue protected.

Voters should elect Hansen treasurer to be accountable with taxpayers’ funds. Hansen wouldn’t write a $13-million dollar check to a losing bidder on the I-15 Core Project simply because the governor asks. When one party controls government, it becomes corrupt. Integrity is lost and replaced with party loyalty. Elected officials should model integrity, honesty, accountability, and checks and balances, while being transparent in state government.

As he did in the legislature, Neil Hansen will exercise utmost integrity.