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Occupation: Accountant

Age: 77

City of residence: West Valley City

Years of residence in current city: 23

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I'm running as a Democrat for State Auditor although this election is not about blue or red. It is about green, the color of our money. We entrust our tax dollars to the state and expect them to use the money wisely. But it seems some people just don't get it. They think the money is theirs to spend and use as they wish. Our state paid attorneys in Louisiana $600,000 for an opinion. Why? We are trying to buy a port in California for $53,000,000. Why? Isn't it time we quit wasting tax dollars on futile lawsuits and grandiose projects? Isn't it time we had an auditor who spoke up and did something about such waste? Isn't it time we had an experienced accountant working with our state auditing staff? The state constitution states that the State Auditor is independent of state officials and reports only to the state legislature and to the public. With all the top state officials Republicans and the legislature being overwhelmingly Republican isn't it time that a truly independent auditor is elected as our fiscal watchdog. Vote Mike Mitchell for State Auditor on November 8th!