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Occupation: Attorney

Age: 63

City of residence: Salt Lake City

Years of residence in current city: 63

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Jon Harper, a native Utahn, received his law degree from Georgetown University and has been an attorney in Utah for 37 years, including 8 years as Associate Dean at the University of Utah law school.  He specializes in consumer protection and corporate governance litigation, standing up for people against big corporations when they have been treated unfairly.  Jon’s service will be a capstone to a successful legal career, not a stepping stone to higher office.


He is running to serve as an independent Attorney General within the Utah Constitution’s system of checks and balances, and restore public trust in that office. The incumbent has broken his promises of reform and continues to run the Attorney General’s office as a money mill, receiving hundreds of thousands of untraceable dollars (“dark money”). Although the incumbent represents that he has restored transparency in that office, the Society of Professional Journalists recently gave him The Black Hole award, as the public official least transparent in state government.


Jon believes Utah needs a lawyer as attorney general, not another career politician.  He will fight to uphold the Constitution and the rights of all Utahns, and he’ll restore independence, transparency, and integrity to the AG’s office.