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Occupation: Attorney

Age: 63

City of residence: OGDEN

Years of residence in current city: 10

Contact email:



Government power reaches deeply into Americans’ lives more than at any time in our history. It is not merely an academic discussion, but something that touches us in many ways. Numerous programs and policies affect us, including Federal ones regarding:


Core Curriculum in Education

Gun Control

Minimum Wage Laws

Public Lands

The War on Drugs

The War on Terror

The Affordable Care Act


The State of Utah government has also become increasingly larger and more intrusive over the years. We have recently witnessed the most serious accusations of corruption, bribery, crony capitalism, pay-to-play and other abuses by highly regarded officers. The Utah Attorney General has a duty to ferret out and resist those laws, practices, and policies which violate the Constitutions of Utah and the United States. Devotion to the people of Utah comes before partisan loyalty or even loyalty to state government and its officers.


The Attorney General is not only the Chief Law Enforcement Officer to direct efforts to protect citizens from ordinary crime. He should also be the foremost protector of the public from laws and government agents when these exceed lawful and Constitutional bounds. 


I invite you to investigate my platform.