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Occupation: self

Age: 36

City of residence: 941 So. State

Years of residence in current city: 12




I am a self-employed entrepreneur for the last 16 years, owner-operator of Extreme Audio; giving me experience and expertise for the best way a business can succeed, which is for less government regulation, and over-reach and intervention. Government is the problem, NOT the Solution! Here in Utah we have seen taxes and fees go up, year after year, in this Republican Majority state. We all watch each other being strangled by the ever growing tax burden and debt, all because government continues to grow bigger, and bigger ($16 Billion in total debt, $1250+ for every man, woman and child in the state) and $8 Billion in unfunded retirement liabilities NOT showing up on any balance sheet).
As a ‘principled leader’ I cannot just sit by and watch as little or nothing is done. I think it is time we as a state institute “zero based budgeting” – after all, isn’t that how we budget at home and isn’t that how government should do it? 

Due to the limited word count, please see my website for more information here at: 
Or feel free to call me anytime for more detailed information about my plans and whom I am at: 801-400-1488