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Occupation: Executive

Age: 55

City of residence: Salt Lake City

Years of residence in current city: 12

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I am Stephen Tryon: career citizen, Christian, father, veteran with a Bronze Star medal for valor in combat, successful business executive, gun owner, author, and proud Democrat. I believe in our Constitution. The Constitution creates a republic in which individuals are supposed to be free to build the best life they can, consistent with the same freedom for all others. We are each guaranteed equal protection of the law. If we work hard and play by the rules, we should be able to raise a family while enjoying a decent quality of life and a comfortable retirement. That is the American Dream.  The current Congress has failed to address problems that threaten the American Dream. They are focused on partisan bickering and gridlock, not problem solving. With degrees from West Point and Stanford, a Senate fellowship, and a track record of success in government and in business, I am ready to go to work to restore and protect the American Dream. I will work to fully fund social security, raise the minimum wage, improve access to higher education, ignite economic growth with partnerships between businesses and communities, and make our district the focal point of clean energy research and development.