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Occupation: General Manager

Age: 46

City of residence: American Fork

Years of residence in current city: 3

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YOU voted against perversion of marriage and the crooked Herbert over ruled you implementing it anyway.  The vast majority of Utah is against brutally murdering unborn children but again our corrupt unconstitutional governor just ignores what's right and pushes evil at every point.  91% of Utah consider themselves Christian but again the government ignores what's right and forces all of your kids to go to schools where God is banned and where they don't learn any real skill.  The constitution is being utterly mocked by our current governor and your only hope is to vote for a real person that you know will stand up against pure evil and do what's right.  While the evil media tells you every lie they can come up with about SUPERDELL it's up to you to follow God in doing what's right.  Only SUPERDELL will stand firm with the God inspired constitution and ensure freedom and justice for all.