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Occupation: Utah Attorney General

Age: 45

City of residence: Cottonwood Heights

Years of residence in current city: 12

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In 2014, Honorable Sean D. Reyes was elected Utah’s 21st Attorney General by one of the largest margins nationwide. From the day AG Reyes took office, his top three office priorities were and continue to be to: protect citizens, particularly children, from violent crime and drugs; protect businesses and consumers from white collar frauds and scams; and restore public trust by focusing the office on ethics and excellent legal work. And he has skillfully achieved these objectives through superior leadership. In less than three years under Reyes’ leadership, the Utah AG Office was named finalist for the 2015 Utah Ethical Leadership Award. In 2016 for the second consecutive year, the office won four Best of State awards for state elected official, agency among other honors. Appointed by Congress and the President of the United States, Reyes conducted public hearings nationwide to advise the Administration and Congress on Latino issues. He is an active surrogate for the RNC’s Asian American and Pacific Islander and Hispanic outreach programs. Reyes has made human and sex trafficking, white collar crime and protecting the most vulnerable such as seniors and children, as well as supporting law enforcement, military and veterans top priorities of his administration.