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Occupation: attorney

Age: 68

City of residence: LEHI

Years of residence in current city: 20

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Andrew McCullough for Attorney General

    I am the Libertarian Party candidate for Utah Attorney General.
I have practiced law in Utah as a criminal defense and civil rights attorney for over forty years.  I am also a member of the New York Bar, and I have practiced in courts around the Country, including the New York State Court of Appeals, and Iowa Supreme Court. I am a former long-time Board member of the ACLU of Utah; and am currently Chair of the Utah Libertarian Party.  My law practice has always involved representing individual citizens against those who would expand State power over them.  

    I got involved in elective politics when I became convinced that the Attorney General’s office supported efforts to increase State power at the expense of individual freedom.  I am still angry at excessive force by police, and the violations of individual rights associated with the “war on drugs”.  If I am elected, I will work to represent the interests of the people of the State, and not State officials.  I am running to promote a message of protecting individual freedom; and I invite you to help me send that message.