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Occupation: Congressman

Age: 49

City of residence: Alpine

Years of residence in current city: 18

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Jason Chaffetz is a strong, conservative Republican representing Utah’s 3rd Congressional District. His four guiding principles in decision-making are Fiscal Discipline, Limited Government, Accountability and strong National Defense. Mr. Chaffetz has led on fiscal discipline within his own office operations by returning over $1.1 million to the National Treasury over his four terms.


Chaffetz serves as the Chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee. In this role he holds our federal government accountable by bringing public exposure of government waste, fraud and abuse. Jason Chaffetz is Utah’s most effective watchdog in Washington, fighting for the people of Utah.


He gets results. While serving as Chair, he has targeted 20 top executives from the EPA, Secret Service, Department of Education, Chemical Safety Board, Office of Personnel Management, DEA and the IRS, where poor leadership has cost lives, freedoms and privacy. Of those individuals targeted, all but two no longer occupy key positions; eighteen have been dismissed, demoted, resigned or retired. He has also filed for impeachment against the current Commissioner of the IRS. Rep. Chaffetz looks forward to continuing the fight to demand openness and accountability from the Federal Government.


Vote Jason Chaffetz for Congress!