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Occupation: Utah State Treasurer

Age: 51

City of residence: Layton

Years of residence in current city: 19

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Utah State Treasurer David C. Damschen has the professional knowledge and experience needed to serve as state treasurer. He has a Finance degree from the University of Washington, twenty years of private sector experience in institutional treasury, investments, and banking, and is a Certified Treasury Professional.

David has helped lead the Treasurer’s Office for eight years, saving taxpayers over $800 million through prudent investment, skilled debt management, and implementation of cost-effective treasury technologies.

  • He’s responsible for the investment of $12 billion in public funds, and has saved Utah taxpayers over $465 million by investing those funds wisely and earning stable interest income.  
  • David has worked diligently to protect the state’s superior AAA bond rating, saving Utah taxpayers nearly $82 million in interest by expanding Utah’s investor base and orchestrating six refinancing transactions.
  • Under David’s supervision, the permanent State School Fund has distributed over $275 million in earnings to Utah public schools.
  • David reunited Utahns with $118 million of their lost property, nearly tripling annual payouts by improving business processes.

David is a fiscal conservative, a career finance professional, and veteran of the U.S. Coast Guard – a dedicated public servant with the knowledge and experience required to be state treasurer.