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Occupation: Consultant

Age: 54

City of residence: Provo

Years of residence in current city: 36

Contact email:

Website: http://none


I ask for your support by sending me back to the State School Board for a second term.  The most important stakeholders in Utah's education system are students, parents and teachers – not the school board.  I believe the role of the school board is to empower students, parents and teachers to achieve new levels of success and not micro-manage.

I have stood against federal overreach into our classrooms including leading out on the fight against President Obama's Every Student Suceeds Act, high stakes testing and even his bathroom directive.  First and foremost, our schools must be a safe environment for our kids. 

I will continue to oppose mandates that take control out of the hands of parents, teachers and students.

And will continue to work to lift our schools to new heights so that a Utah education can compete with any other state or country.