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Occupation: Governor of Utah

Age: 69

City of residence: Orem

Years of residence in current city: 61

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Governor Gary Herbert provides the steady hand of leadership by solidifying Utah’s position as the strongest economy in the nation, investing in our long-term prosperity and fighting against federal interference.

Taking office at the peak of the Great Recession, Governor Herbert set the goal to make Utah’s economy the strongest in America. Since then, Utah businesses have created 237,000 jobs, cutting unemployment from 8.4 to 3.8 percent, one of the lowest rates in the nation. He cut taxes 34 times, driving our tax burden to a 20-year low.

Utah’s economic success has fueled education. He championed $1.8 billion of new money to help Utah students fulfill their potential and compete in the global marketplace. He has protected Utah’s right to set our education standards and curriculum. As a result, our test scores are up and graduation rates have increased by nearly 10 percent.

Governor Herbert has fought the federal government to return power to our state. He was the first governor to file suit against Obamacare and is the only governor to sign a bill calling for federal lands to be transferred to state control.

Bringing people together to address our challenges; that’s the Utah way.