2024 Candidate Filings

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Federal Offices

Candidate Office Party Status
CARLTON E. BOWENUS SenateIndependent AmericanElection Candidate
CAROLINE GLEICHUS SenateDemocraticElection Candidate
LAIRD FETZER HAMBLINUS SenateDemocraticOut in Convention
ROBERT NEWCOMBUS SenateIndependent AmericanOut in Convention
CHANDLER H. TANNERUS SenateRepublicanOut in Convention
JOSH RANDALLUS SenateRepublicanOut in Convention
BRIAN EARL JENKINSUS SenateRepublicanOut in Convention
CLARK S. WHITEUS SenateRepublicanOut in Convention
BRENT ORRIN HATCHUS SenateRepublicanOut in Convention
JEREMY LEWIS FRIEDBAUMUS SenateRepublicanOut in Convention
ARCHIE A WILLIAMS IIIUS SenateDemocraticOut in Convention
CAROLYN PHIPPENUS SenateRepublicanOut in Convention
JASON J. WALTONUS SenateRepublicanPrimary
TRENT STAGGSUS SenateRepublicanPrimary
JOHN CURTISUS SenateRepublicanPrimary
BRAD WILSONUS SenateRepublicanPrimary
DANIEL R. COTTAMUS House 1LibertarianElection Candidate
BILL CAMPBELLUS House 1DemocraticElection Candidate
DEREK L DRAPERUS House 1RepublicanOut in Convention
BLAKE D. MOOREUS House 1RepublicanPrimary
PAUL MILLERUS House 1RepublicanPrimary
CASSIE EASLEYUS House 2ConstitutionElection Candidate
TYLER MURSETUS House 2UnaffiliatedElection Candidate
TY JENSENUS House 2RepublicanOut in Convention
CELESTE MALOYUS House 2RepublicanPrimary
COLBY C. JENKINSUS House 2RepublicanPrimary
BRIAN ADAMSUS House 2DemocraticWithdrew
GLENN J. WRIGHTUS House 3DemocraticElection Candidate
CHRIS HERRODUS House 3RepublicanOut in Convention
ZAC WILSONUS House 3RepublicanOut in Convention
KATHRYN W. DAHLINUS House 3RepublicanOut in Convention
LUCKY BOVOUS House 3RepublicanOut in Convention
JOHN “FRUGAL” DOUGALLUS House 3RepublicanPrimary
JR BIRDUS House 3RepublicanPrimary
STEWART PEAYUS House 3RepublicanPrimary
MIKE KENNEDYUS House 3RepublicanPrimary
CASE LAWRENCEUS House 3RepublicanPrimary
CLAYTON B. HUNSAKERUS House 3RepublicanWithdrew
KATRINA FALLICK-WANGUS House 4DemocraticElection Candidate
VAUGHN R COOKUS House 4United UtahElection Candidate
M. EVAN BULLARDUS House 4UnaffiliatedElection Candidate
BURGESS OWENSUS House 4RepublicanElection Candidate
JONATHAN LOPEZUS House 4DemocraticOut in Convention
EVAN BULLARDUS House 4UnaffiliatedWithdrew
CLAUDIA DE LA CRUZU.S. PresidentUnaffiliatedElection Candidate
CORNEL RONALD WESTU.S. PresidentUnaffiliatedElection Candidate
SHIVA AYYADURAIU.S. PresidentUnaffiliatedElection Candidate
JOSEPH R BIDEN JRU.S. PresidentDemocraticElection Candidate
LUCIFER “JUSTIN CASE” EVERYLOVEU.S. PresidentUnaffiliatedElection Candidate
ROBERT F. KENNEDY JR.U.S. PresidentUnaffiliatedElection Candidate
MARIANNE DEBORAH WILLIAMSONU.S. PresidentDemocraticOut in Primary
FRANK LOZADAU.S. PresidentDemocraticOut in Primary
GABRIEL CORNEJOU.S. PresidentDemocraticOut in Primary
DEAN BENSON PHILLIPSU.S. PresidentDemocraticOut in Primary
SHONDRA YEVETTE IRVINGU.S. PresidentUnaffiliatedWrite-In
ANDRE RAMON MC NEILU.S. PresidentUnaffiliatedWrite-In

State Offices

Candidate Office Party Status
W. ANDREW MCCULLOUGHAttorney GeneralLibertarianElection Candidate
RUDY J BAUTISTAAttorney GeneralDemocraticElection Candidate
AUSTIN HEPWORTHAttorney GeneralUnaffiliatedElection Candidate
MICHELLE QUISTAttorney GeneralUnited UtahElection Candidate
TRENT E. CHRISTENSENAttorney GeneralRepublicanOut in Convention
DAVID CARLSONAttorney GeneralDemocraticOut in Convention
RACHEL TERRYAttorney GeneralRepublicanPrimary
FRANK DEMCY MYLARAttorney GeneralRepublicanPrimary
DEREK BROWNAttorney GeneralRepublicanPrimary
TOMMY WILLIAMS ARCHIE A. WILLIAMS IIIGovernorIndependent AmericanElection Candidate
BRIAN SMITH KING REBEKAH CUMMINGSGovernorDemocraticElection Candidate
TOM TOMENY WILLIAM LANSING TAYLORGovernorUnaffiliatedElection Candidate
J. ROBERT LATHAM BARRY EVAN SHORTGovernorLibertarianElection Candidate
SYLVIA MIERA FISKGovernorRepublicanOut in Convention
SCOTT ROBBINSGovernorRepublicanOut in Convention
T CARSON JORGENSENGovernorRepublicanOut in Convention
CATHERINE VOUTAZState AuditorDemocraticElection Candidate
JEFFREY L. OSTLERState AuditorConstitutionElection Candidate
TINA CANNONState AuditorRepublicanPrimary
RICKY HATCHState AuditorRepublicanPrimary
MILES POMEROYState TreasurerUtah ForwardElection Candidate
NEIL A HANSENState TreasurerDemocraticElection Candidate
MARLO M. OAKSState TreasurerRepublicanElection Candidate

State Senate

Candidate Office Party Status
LUZ ESCAMILLAState Senate 10DemocraticElection Candidate
KYLE W. ERBState Senate 10RepublicanElection Candidate
KAREN KWANState Senate 12 (2 year term)DemocraticElection Candidate
JUDY WEEKS-ROHNERState Senate 12 (2 year term)RepublicanElection Candidate
KATHLEEN ANN RIEBEState Senate 15DemocraticElection Candidate
SCOTT CUTHBERTSONState Senate 15RepublicanPrimary
AMBER SHILLState Senate 15RepublicanPrimary
STEVE ASTEState Senate 15RepublicanPrimary
EDWARD BENNETTState Senate 15RepublicanWithdrew
MONNICA MANUELState Senate 16UnaffiliatedElection Candidate
JONATHAN FIDLERState Senate 16RepublicanOut in Convention
CHRISTINA BOGGESSState Senate 16RepublicanPrimary
WAYNE A HARPERState Senate 16RepublicanPrimary
LINCOLN FILLMOREState Senate 17RepublicanElection Candidate
PAMELA BLOOMState Senate 17UnaffiliatedElection Candidate
JANALEE TOBIASState Senate 17RepublicanOut in Convention
NANCY HUNTLYState Senate 2 (Multi-County)DemocraticElection Candidate
CHRIS WILSONState Senate 2 (Multi-County)RepublicanElection Candidate
EMILY LOCKHARTState Senate 22 (Multi-County)RepublicanPrimary
HEIDI BALDERREEState Senate 22 (Multi-County)RepublicanPrimary
GARRETT CAMMANSState Senate 22 (Multi-County)RepublicanPrimary
DAVID HINCKLEYState Senate 24 (Multi-County)Utah ForwardElection Candidate
LORI ANDERSEN SPRUANCEState Senate 24 (Multi-County)UnaffiliatedElection Candidate
KEVEN J STRATTONState Senate 24 (Multi-County)RepublicanElection Candidate
BRAD DAWState Senate 24 (Multi-County)RepublicanOut in Convention
CURT BRAMBLEState Senate 24 (Multi-County)RepublicanWithdrew
DAN HEMMERTState Senate 24 (Multi-County)RepublicanWithdrew
MICHAEL COOKState Senate 25RepublicanDisqualified
ALAN DALE HANSENState Senate 25DemocraticElection Candidate
MIKE MCKELLState Senate 25RepublicanElection Candidate
ORAN STAINBROOKState Senate 26 (Multi-County)UnaffiliatedElection Candidate
DAVID HINKINSState Senate 26 (Multi-County)RepublicanElection Candidate
CORBIN DAVID FROSTState Senate 26 (Multi-County)DemocraticElection Candidate
DERRIN R OWENSState Senate 27 (Multi-County)RepublicanElection Candidate
DEIDRA RITCHHARTState Senate 29 DemocraticElection Candidate
CORY GREENState Senate 29 RepublicanOut in Convention
DON L. IPSONState Senate 29 RepublicanPrimary
CHAD E. BENNIONState Senate 29 RepublicanPrimary
STACY BERNALState Senate 3 (Multi-County)DemocraticElection Candidate
JOHN D. JOHNSONState Senate 3 (Multi-County)RepublicanElection Candidate
CALVIN RAY MUSSELMANState Senate 4 (Multi-County)RepublicanElection Candidate
AARON WILEYState Senate 8 (Multi-County)DemocraticElection Candidate
LAREN C LIVINGSTONState Senate 8 (Multi-County)ConstitutionElection Candidate
ALISA COX VAN LANGEVELDState Senate 8 (Multi-County)UnaffiliatedElection Candidate
BRADY TRACYState Senate 8 (Multi-County)RepublicanOut in Convention
RONALD MORTENSENState Senate 8 (Multi-County)RepublicanPrimary
TODD WEILERState Senate 8 (Multi-County)RepublicanPrimary

State House

Candidate Office Party Status
CLAUDIA BIGLERState House 1 (Multi-County)DemocraticElection Candidate
THOMAS PETERSONState House 1 (Multi-County)RepublicanElection Candidate
CHRIS REIDState House 1 (Multi-County)DemocraticOut in Convention
JILL KOFORDState House 10RepublicanElection Candidate
ROSEMARY LESSERState House 10DemocraticElection Candidate
IGNACIO “NACHO” VALDEZState House 10RepublicanOut in Convention
KATY HALLState House 11 (Multi-County)RepublicanElection Candidate
SHARON HILTONState House 12 (Multi-County)DemocraticElection Candidate
MIKE SCHULTZState House 12 (Multi-County)RepublicanElection Candidate
KORRY GREENState House 12 (Multi-County)RepublicanOut in Convention
KAREN M. PETERSONState House 13RepublicanElection Candidate
LORRI ROGERSState House 13DemocraticElection Candidate
CURTIS T BEAMESState House 13RepublicanOut in Convention
KARIANNE LISONBEEState House 14RepublicanElection Candidate
JOSH SMITHState House 15Utah ForwardElection Candidate
ARIEL DEFAYState House 15RepublicanElection Candidate
ZEAID HASANState House 16DemocraticElection Candidate
TREVOR LEEState House 16RepublicanPrimary
DANIELA HARDINGState House 16RepublicanPrimary
ADAM FELLERState House 17LibertarianElection Candidate
STEWART E. BARLOWState House 17RepublicanPrimary
JENNIFER GARNERState House 17RepublicanPrimary
STEVE HARTWICKState House 18DemocraticElection Candidate
PAUL A. CUTLERState House 18RepublicanElection Candidate
MARK D WHITAKERState House 18DemocraticOut in Convention
NICK K WADSWORTHState House 19DemocraticElection Candidate
CAMERON A DRANSFIELDState House 19ConstitutionElection Candidate
ERIK HANS FRONBERGState House 19DemocraticOut in Convention
TENNA HARTMANState House 19RepublicanPrimary
RAYMOND P. WARDState House 19RepublicanPrimary
TOM LILJEGRENState House 2DemocraticElection Candidate
MICHAEL J. PETERSENState House 2RepublicanPrimary
MIKE MONSONState House 2RepublicanPrimary
LEW E JEPPSONState House 20DemocraticElection Candidate
MELISSA GARFF BALLARDState House 20RepublicanElection Candidate
SANDRA HOLLINSState House 21DemocraticElection Candidate
TAYLOR AARON BUNOTState House 21RepublicanPrimary
DAVID C. ATKINState House 21RepublicanPrimary
STEVE HARMSENState House 22RepublicanElection Candidate
JENNIFER L. DAILEY-PROVOSTState House 22DemocraticElection Candidate
JAKEY SALA SIOLOState House 22DemocraticOut in Convention
M. SCOTT ROMNEYState House 23 (Multi-County)RepublicanElection Candidate
CABOT WM. NELSONState House 23 (Multi-County)United UtahElection Candidate
HOANG NGUYENState House 23 (Multi-County)DemocraticPrimary
JEFF HOWELLState House 23 (Multi-County)DemocraticPrimary
RAMÓN BARTHELEMYState House 24DemocraticPrimary
GRANT AMJAD MILLERState House 24DemocraticPrimary
JOEL K. BRISCOEState House 24DemocraticPrimary
DAVID R. SPJUTState House 24RepublicanWithdrew
RICHARD T NOWAKState House 25RepublicanElection Candidate
ANGELA ROMEROState House 25DemocraticElection Candidate
‘ALAMA ‘ULU’AVEState House 25RepublicanOut in Convention
MATT MACPHERSONState House 26RepublicanElection Candidate
JEANETTA WILLIAMSState House 26DemocraticElection Candidate
ANTHONY EDWARD LOUBETState House 27RepublicanElection Candidate
DAWN STEVENSONState House 27DemocraticElection Candidate
FRED L BAKERState House 28DemocraticElection Candidate
NICHOLEEN P. PECKState House 28RepublicanElection Candidate
TIMOTHY ADRIAN JIMENEZState House 28RepublicanWithdrew
BRIDGER BOLINDERState House 29 (Multi-County)RepublicanElection Candidate
RON DRAPERState House 29 (Multi-County)DemocraticElection Candidate
BRAD BARTHOLOMEWState House 29 (Multi-County)DemocraticWithdrew
JASON E. THOMPSONState House 3RepublicanElection Candidate
PATRICK BELMONTState House 3UnaffiliatedElection Candidate
PAUL R. BORUPState House 3RepublicanWithdrew
JAKE FITISEMANUState House 30DemocraticElection Candidate
SOPHIA HAWES-TINGEYState House 30DemocraticOut in Convention
CINDY THOMPSONState House 30RepublicanOut in Convention
DAVE PARKEState House 30RepublicanPrimary
FRED C COXState House 30RepublicanPrimary
ANDREW G. NIETOState House 31RepublicanElection Candidate
VERONA MAUGAState House 31DemocraticElection Candidate
BRETT GARNERState House 31DemocraticOut in Convention
RUSS MOOREState House 31RepublicanWithdrew
ADAM CHRISTOPHER BEANState House 32United UtahElection Candidate
SAHARA HAYESState House 32DemocraticElection Candidate
SARAH DAWN MONTESState House 32RepublicanElection Candidate
JERRY SCHMIDTState House 32RepublicanWithdrew
DOUG OWENSState House 33DemocraticElection Candidate
SHERYL R FRASERState House 33RepublicanElection Candidate
HENRY BILLY MALONEState House 33RepublicanOut in Convention
DENNIS ROACHState House 34United UtahElection Candidate
KARL J. JUREKState House 34RepublicanElection Candidate
CAROL SPACKMAN MOSSState House 34DemocraticElection Candidate
MIKE BIRDState House 35RepublicanElection Candidate
ROSALBA DOMINGUEZState House 35DemocraticElection Candidate
RAYMOND POOLEState House 35RepublicanWithdrew
JIM DUNNIGANState House 36RepublicanElection Candidate
PAUL DOUGLAS JOHNSONState House 37RepublicanElection Candidate
ASHLEE ANN MATTHEWSState House 37DemocraticElection Candidate
CHERYL ACTONState House 38RepublicanElection Candidate
STEVEN LAUDE JRState House 38DemocraticElection Candidate
CATHY RICHARDSONState House 38RepublicanWithdrew
JESSICA WIGNALLState House 39UnaffiliatedElection Candidate
KATE STAPLESState House 39DemocraticElection Candidate
LISA DEANState House 39RepublicanPrimary
KEN IVORYState House 39RepublicanPrimary
KERA YATES BIRKELANDState House 4 (Multi-County)RepublicanElection Candidate
KRIS CAMPBELLState House 4 (Multi-County)DemocraticElection Candidate
ANDREW STODDARDState House 40DemocraticElection Candidate
TYLER GLAITTLIState House 40RepublicanElection Candidate
JOHN JACKSONState House 40United UtahElection Candidate
GAY LYNN BENNIONState House 41DemocraticElection Candidate
ROY PISKADLOState House 41RepublicanElection Candidate
TRAVIS SMITHState House 42DemocraticElection Candidate
DALE ASHState House 42RepublicanOut in Convention
MICHAEL D. MARKERState House 42RepublicanPrimary
CLINT OKERLUNDState House 42RepublicanPrimary
CHAD JEFFRY WESTOVERState House 42RepublicanPrimary
STEVE ELIASONState House 43RepublicanElection Candidate
JASON R. BARBERState House 43DemocraticElection Candidate
JORDAN DANIEL TEUSCHERState House 44RepublicanElection Candidate
GREG GREENState House 44DemocraticElection Candidate
SARA ROSE CIMMERSState House 45DemocraticElection Candidate
STEVEN ROBERTSState House 45RepublicanOut in Convention
RICH CUNNINGHAMState House 45RepublicanPrimary
TRACY MILLERState House 45RepublicanPrimary
JEFF STENQUISTState House 46RepublicanPrimary
CAL ROBERTSState House 46RepublicanPrimary
MARK ASHBY STRONGState House 47RepublicanElection Candidate
DAVID LUNDGRENState House 47United UtahElection Candidate
DOUG K. FIEFIAState House 48RepublicanElection Candidate
STEPHEN J MIDDLETONState House 48DemocraticElection Candidate
GOUD MARAGANIState House 48RepublicanOut in Convention
SAMUEL ‘SGT SAM’ WINKLERState House 49DemocraticElection Candidate
CANDICE B. PIERUCCIState House 49RepublicanElection Candidate
SCOTT ALLEN HATFIELD JRState House 49RepublicanOut in Convention
MILES POMEROYState House 49Utah ForwardWithdrew
PATRICK ELDRIDGEState House 49RepublicanWithdrew
CASEY SNIDERState House 5RepublicanElection Candidate
CARY J. YOUMANSState House 5Utah ForwardWithdrew
STEPHANIE GRICIUSState House 50RepublicanElection Candidate
JEFFERSON R MOSSState House 51RepublicanElection Candidate
CORY MALOYState House 52RepublicanElection Candidate
MICHAEL KELLERState House 52DemocraticElection Candidate
KAY JEFFERY CHRISTOFFERSONState House 53RepublicanElection Candidate
ALEX DAYState House 53United UtahElection Candidate
BRADY BRAMMERState House 54RepublicanElection Candidate
JON HAWKINSState House 55RepublicanElection Candidate
VAL L PETERSONState House 56 RepublicanElection Candidate
NELSON ABBOTTState House 57RepublicanElection Candidate
ALAN FRANK KEELEState House 57DemocraticElection Candidate
MICHAEL COXState House 57RepublicanOut in Convention
ALYSSA NICOLE MAYState House 57RepublicanWithdrew
JOSHUA SORENSENState House 58DemocraticElection Candidate
ANGELA MOULTONState House 58RepublicanOut in Convention
DAVID SHALLENBERGERState House 58RepublicanPrimary
HOLLY SWEETENState House 58RepublicanPrimary
JULIE A. MONAHANState House 59 (Multi-County)DemocraticElection Candidate
MIKE KOHLERState House 59 (Multi-County)RepublicanElection Candidate
AMBER HARDYState House 6 (Multi-County)DemocraticElection Candidate
MATTHEW H. GWYNNState House 6 (Multi-County)RepublicanElection Candidate
JON D. BEESLEYState House 6 (Multi-County)RepublicanWithdrew
TYLER JAMES CLANCYState House 60RepublicanElection Candidate
TRAVIS HOBANState House 61RepublicanPrimary
LISA SHEPHERDState House 61RepublicanPrimary
KENNETH GROVERState House 61RepublicanWithdrew
NORM THURSTONState House 62RepublicanElection Candidate
KEVIN SLATERState House 62DemocraticElection Candidate
MARK YOUNGQUISTState House 63DemocraticElection Candidate
STEPHEN L. WHYTEState House 63RepublicanElection Candidate
JEFF BURTONState House 64RepublicanElection Candidate
RICK TREVER DOUGANState House 64DemocraticElection Candidate
JOSEPH M HANSENState House 65DemocraticElection Candidate
DOUGLAS R WELTONState House 65RepublicanElection Candidate
JOSEPH FUCHSELState House 66 (Multi-County)ConstitutionDeceased
LINDA W. HANKSState House 66 (Multi-County)RepublicanOut in Convention
BRIAN L. NIELSONState House 66 (Multi-County)RepublicanPrimary
TROY SHELLEYState House 66 (Multi-County)RepublicanPrimary
LEON R. DAYState House 66 (Multi-County)RepublicanWithdrew
JOE CHRISTMANState House 67 (Multi-County)DemocraticElection Candidate
CHRISTINE FACER WATKINSState House 67 (Multi-County)RepublicanPrimary
THOMAS L HANSENState House 67 (Multi-County)RepublicanPrimary
SCOTT H CHEWState House 68 (Multi-County)RepublicanElection Candidate
KENYEN WILKINSState House 68 (Multi-County)RepublicanOut in Convention
DAVINA SMITHState House 69 (Multi-County)DemocraticElection Candidate
DOUGLAS K. HEATONState House 69 (Multi-County)RepublicanOut in Convention
LYNN JACKSONState House 69 (Multi-County)RepublicanPrimary
LOGAN JAMES MONSONState House 69 (Multi-County)RepublicanPrimary
RYAN D. WILCOXState House 7RepublicanElection Candidate
ZENO B. PARRYState House 70 (Multi-County)United UtahElection Candidate
CARL R. ALBRECHTState House 70 (Multi-County)RepublicanElection Candidate
STEVE MERRILLState House 71DemocraticElection Candidate
REX P. SHIPPState House 71RepublicanElection Candidate
JOSEPH ELISONState House 72RepublicanElection Candidate
COLIN W. JACKState House 73RepublicanElection Candidate
R NEIL WALTERState House 74RepublicanElection Candidate
JOSHUA DUTSONState House 75DemocraticElection Candidate
WALT BROOKSState House 75RepublicanElection Candidate
JASON B KYLEState House 8 (Multi-County)RepublicanElection Candidate
JACOB K. JOHNSONState House 9LibertarianElection Candidate
JAKE SAWYERState House 9RepublicanElection Candidate
ANGELA CHOBERKAState House 9DemocraticElection Candidate

State School Board

Candidate Office Party Status
CARI BARTHOLOMEWState School Board 13RepublicanPrimary
RANDY BOOTHEState School Board 13RepublicanPrimary
SCOTT BRANDON NEILSONState School Board 13RepublicanWithdrew
ALYSON OLDHAM ROBERTSONState School Board 13RepublicanWithdrew
DEBORAH L. GATRELLState School Board 10 (Multi-County)DemocraticElection Candidate
CAMILLE B. KNUDSONState School Board 10 (Multi-County)RepublicanOut in Convention
MATT HYMASState School Board 10 (Multi-County)RepublicanPrimary
MONICA BANGERTER WILBURState School Board 10 (Multi-County)RepublicanPrimary
COLE J. KELLEYState School Board 12 (Multi-County)RepublicanElection Candidate
JASON L ALLENState School Board 12 (Multi-County)UnaffiliatedElection Candidate
JAMES REX MOSSState School Board 12 (Multi-County)RepublicanOut in Convention
KRISTAN L. NORTONState School Board 15 (Multi-County)RepublicanPrimary
JOANN BRINTONState School Board 15 (Multi-County)RepublicanPrimary
LAURA JOHNSONState School Board 3 (Multi-County)Utah ForwardElection Candidate
BRENT STRATEState School Board 3 (Multi-County)RepublicanPrimary
ROD HALLState School Board 3 (Multi-County)RepublicanPrimary
CAROL BARLOW LEARState School Board 6 (Multi-County)DemocraticElection Candidate
DIANE LIVINGSTONState School Board 6 (Multi-County)UnaffiliatedElection Candidate
JOHN ARTHURState School Board 7DemocraticElection Candidate
MOLLY L HARTState School Board 7RepublicanPrimary
KRIS KIMBALLState School Board 7RepublicanPrimary
AMANDA B BOLLINGERState School Board 9RepublicanElection Candidate
WILL SHIFLETTState School Board 9DemocraticElection Candidate
NATALIE J. CLINEState School Board 9RepublicanOut in Convention

State Judicial

Judicial Retention Status
Shall BRANDON J. MAYNARD be retained in the office of Judge of the District Court of the First Judicial District?Filed
Shall BRYAN P GALLOWAY be retained in the office of Judge of the Juvenile Court of the First Juvenile Court DIstrict?Election Candidate
Shall CRAIG HALL be retained for Judge in the office of 2nd Dristrict Court?Election Candidate
Shall CRISTINA PATRICIA ORTEGA be retained in the office of Judge of the District Court of the Second Judicial District?Election Candidate
Shall ELIZABETH MARIE KNIGHT be retained in the office of Judge of the Juvenile Court of the Third Juvenile Court District?Election Candidate
Shall GREG LAMB be retained in the office of Judge of the District Court of the Eighth Judicial District?Election Candidate
Shall HEATHER ANNETTE BRERETON be retained in the office of Judge of the District Court of the Third Judicial District?Election Candidate
Shall JAMES D. GARDNER be retained in the office of Judge of the District Court of the Third Judicial District?Election Candidate
Shall JEFFRY K. ROSS be retained in the office of Judge of the Juvenile Court of the Eighth Judicial District?Election Candidate
Shall JOSEPH M. BEAN be retained in the office of Judge of the District Court of the Second Judicial District?Election Candidate
Shall KARA LEA PETTIT be retained in the office of Judge of the District Court of the Third Judicial District?Election Candidate
Shall LAURA S. SCOTT be retained in the office of Judge of the District Court of the Third Judicial District?Election Candidate
Shall MICHAEL DARIO DIREDA be retained in the office of Judge of the District Court of the Second Judicial District?Election Candidate
Shall MONICA DIAZ be retained in the office of Judge of the Juvenile Court of the Third Juvenile Court District?Election Candidate
Shall RITA M. CORNISH be retained in the office of Judge of the District Court of the Second Judicial District?Election Candidate
Shall RONALD G. RUSSELL be retained in the office of Judge of the District Court of the Second Judicial District?Election Candidate
Shall SPENCER D. WALSH be retained in the office of Judge of the DIstrict Court of the First Judicial District?Election Candidate
Shall TASHA WILLIAMS be retained in the office of Judge of the Juvenile District Court of the Second Judicial District?Election Candidate
Shall TERESA LYNN WELCH be retained in the office of Judge of the District Court of the Third Judicial District?Election Candidate
Shall TUPAKK AMARU GUSTAVO RENTERIA be retained in the office of Judge of the Juvenile Court of the Third Juvenile Court District?Election Candidate
Shall WILLIAM K. KENDALL be retained in the office of Judge of the District Court of the Third Judicial District?Election Candidate